Friday, June 29, 2012


Free drawing day so I went with my favorite subject matter: food!

I enjoyed yesterday's drawing so I wanted to keep going with the same style.  I'm using a higher opacity brush for these than I normally would.  Back when I oil painted regularly I would keep my paint really thick and not use any thinner.  I think that it's why this style reminds me my old oil paintings.  

In the shop

Old man in hat

June 28th - Knights, wizards, and rogues This turned out to be much more of an old man in a hat than an actual wizard.  Still, I'm liking the strong darks and overall look.  Reminds me of when I used to oil paint in high school.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

for Texas

June 23rd - Draw a Redditor  Draw a Redditor - and what better Redditor to draw than my boyfriend, who got me hooked on Reddit to begin with.  So here he is, brandishing a sword and riding a longhorn from his native land of Texas.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


June 21st - Kitsch it to death.  Draw something super kitschy, and what's more kitschy than a couple holding hands + the beach + hearts + trite writing?  Dolphins and unicorns perhaps?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

happy father's day dad!

June 13th - Childhood Hero - "Who did you look up to when you were young?"

Since Father's Day is this weekend, I did a sketch from a photo of my dad and I when I was little.  As you can see from the picture I was (and still am) pretty fond of my dad.

Side note: I am assuming that's me since I had a copy of the photo on my computer, but it could be my brother.  There's almost no way to know. [edit: apparently there is a way to know - my mom confirms it's me]

Monday, June 11, 2012

like I'm five

June 11th - Draw like a 5 year old.  Today's challenge is to draw like a five year old.  The image above is an actual drawing I have from when I was little.  I suspect I was a little younger than five though, like maybe preschool?  And below is my reinterpretation of that same picture, done today as if I was five.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

age: penguin

June 10th - Flash from the Past - Draw yourself at a younger age
I was going through some old photos to find one of myself at a young age and came across a photo of my family at the zoo.  My dad, brother, and I were all lined up at one of those wooden things you stick your heads in.  It was kinda funny.  So here's me, as if I was actually part penguin.

I've never tipped a cow...

June 9th - Paronomastic Play (puns!)
"I've never tipped a cow. Then again, one has never served me food"
Just some cute cows enjoying a healthy plate of grass for dinner. Yum!

thiebaud inspired winnie

Today was a free draw day with the suggested topic of "your favorite cartoon character as if it had been created by your favorite artist"
I considered going with a more Reddit popular cartoon character like Mario or Yoshi, but in the end my love of Winnie the Pooh won out and I drew him as if Wayne Thiebaud had.  I cheated a little with this one and traced an already drawn Pooh to save time.  Still, I loved rendering him and I think he turned out quite nicely :)

broken reddit

June 7th - 404 You Broke Reddit!
When I think of breaking Reddit, I imagine the alien exploding or maybe a big pile of computers smoldering.  I'm not much for drawing actual explosions, so I took a more "scientific" and controlled approach to show each component of the alien separated from it's body.  I really like how the complementary orange and blue look in this one.

starting sketch daily

I started participating in Reddit's Sketch Daily as a fun and low pressure way to keep my drawing skills in shape and experiment with different techniques. Even though I draw all day at work, it's pretty much just one style and it's all medical in subject nature (which I love but doesn't always allow for lots of creativity).

June 6th - Our finest friends.
My first sketch daily - the cat my family had growing up.