Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sometimes I don't finish things.  Sometimes I take on too much, coming up with an idea that would take days too render when I have hours.  So I simply never start, knowing I will never finish.  As proof, here is the lovely file I saved over the weekend, titled "unfinished business.psd".  I didn't finish (or technically start) this one, but I wanted to.  All those scratch marks don't look like much, but are plans for a couple different drawings:

• • •
Here are a few more unfinished pieces from the past year.  Some things that I ran out of time for, some I lost interest in, and some were just sketches never meant to be finished:

I am finishing that squirrel though.

These sketches were compiled for the topic "Unfinished Business" as part of the The Creative Collective's synchroblogging project.

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